Well, well. What a strange week it’s been. We’ve had to contend with the Falcao rumours persisting, Torres speaking out about his first season at Chelsea, Terry’s racism decision to contend with and even the strange fact that Abramovic won’t give Cole a long-term contract extension.

First, let’s talk about Falcao. There has been speculation that a £46 million deal has been struck by Abramovic, activating the release clause in his contract. But, do we really want him? What do you think the chances of us getting him are? Why not head over to Betfair Football odds and check what the odds are! There is no doubt that we need a new striker – while Torres has done well so far, he is the only out and out striker in the squad. So, we clearly need a striker, but I don’t think we need a Falcao. £46m for a player is a huge amount…but considering Falcao is a 26-year-old nearing 27, its simply too much. Furthermore, Torres is starting to come good now that he hasn’t got any real competition, a problem he suffered from greatly while Drogba was still at the club. I feel a more fitting option would be someone like André Schürrle, who wouldn’t necessarily expect to start every game yet would still be good prospect for the future. I would love to see Falcao’s talents in the Premier League, but I don’t think we need him at Chelsea.

The allegations that Torres ‘didn’t care whether we won or lost’ seem odd and there isn’t really much to add to it. It does seem, however, that Torres is now finally starting to find his feet at Chelsea, and is even the squad’s top overall goal scorer with a tally of 6.

Ashley Cole. Following the decision not to offer him a contract longer than a year, it seems that he wants to leave the club. Now, for all we know he still fully intends to see out his career at Chelsea, but I have found myself asking whether we really need him anymore. As I mentioned earlier, Chelsea are certainly looking towards the future and I think Bertrand is more than ready for a more prominent role in the Chelsea squad. And that’s not to mention Patrick van Aanholt, who I have heard has a really bright future.

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  1. imuzahuzi@yahoo.com'
    Ivan Muzahuzi

    I think Torres should be released because he is holding Chelsea back… Falcao would be a great addition to the chelsea squad.

  2. charleselphick.93@gmail.com'
    Charleselphick 93

    I have to say, 46 million is enough to buy neymar, and neymar is the best prospect on the planet…..pace, skills, national connection to Oscar, ramires and luiz, the very fact pele said he will be the gratest player to walk the face of the earth is proof enough! The boy makes falcao look like a blind pensioner! And he’s 7/8 years younger! Falcao who……. neymars the one we need and if you don’t see it, your a fool.

  3. ashish_shivdasani@yahoo.co.uk'

    We need Falcao! We let Augero go to city when we were the first to find him, if we let this man go we will be seen as a foolish club. Falcao can take Chelsea forward his is an aggressive player who can score goals. There is a reason everyone is chasing him. I would personally offer Torres plus money for him. Fernando has done nothing for us in his career so far he is misused and just looks like half the man he was. Falcao is one man that Roman must fork out for, the other he should also buy is Yann M’Villa we can pick him up for 12-15 million and he’s a younger version of makele that Chelsea have been missing in a holding midfielder role, Paulinho would also be a good buy from brazil too. I overall think that if Chelsea can defend its Champions League title we stand a better chance with Falcao than without him. The final parts of the puzzle are that we need a good central defender Chelsea shouldove for Ramos if rumours are true, if not the should move for Matt Hummels who is probably the best defender in the world. We have the financial muscle it’s about time Roman looks to finally use it sensibly and strengthen our team.

    • ashish_shivdasani@yahoo.co.uk'

      So what if he’s 26 how many goals does be score even real Madrid want to buy him! Sometimes you have to spend money to get a return. Look at city they spent a fortune and won the league. We are building for the future Falcao still has four to five years o football to give us and he’s getting more and more dangerous in front of goal would u rather we had him or he was at Arsenal, Man City or PSG. He has scored more goals in his career than appearances that says something about this player! So you need to grumble less and wake up to smell the coffee!