In a well-documented fashion, there hasn’t been a lot of stability at the club during the Abramovich era, at least since José decided to leave for Inter Milan. Now, as we come to the end of yet another short reign for a Chelsea manager, people will be starting to turn their attentions towards other candidates for the role. While the Special One has been mentioned in some circles, it seems some in the Chelsea management are worried about the amount of control he is demanding over the team – which would inevitably lead to wholesale changes, for example selling Torres and keeping Lampard.

So, who are the other contenders?

Jürgen Klopp would be a more expensive signing, given that his contract runs until 2016 – but it looks like he would be worth it. It seems Abramovich is now more prepared than ever to give managers a chance, Rafa should really have been sacked by now, so he will be looking for a young manager with exciting potential – sound familiar? Klopp would be more successful than AVB because he would get the full support (lets hope the Chelsea hierarchy have learnt their lesson) from the leaders at the club. He is also a proven manager in a top European club, and plays exciting attacking football with a youthful team. He effectively made Götze and Reus what they are today – exciting prospects for Germany. However, the question remains over whether he would want to go to Chelsea, given he is the favourite to replace Jogi Löw when he retires.

ODDS: 9/2

David Moyes brings a wealth of experience in terms of running a sustainable football club, and his level-headed approach may be just what Chelsea need as we enter the era of Financial Fair Play Regulations. He somehow manages to finish in the top eight year in year out with a resource-depleted chairman running the club. If he had the money – imagine what David Moyes could achieve. He is a proven manager in the Premier League, but the question remains over whether or not he can handle the big egos at the club – which AVB certainly failed to do. A lot would be asked of him, and it would be a big step up, so Chelsea need to make sure he is ready before handing him the reigns.

ODDS: 16/1

Michael Laudrup is in a similar position to Moyes in that he is doing great work with the limited funds available to him. However, as with David Moyes, the question remains over whether or not he is ready to make the step up to such a big club at Chelsea. Would he be able to handle the big-names who will inevitably be brought into the squad this summer? He has also entered into contract negotiations with the Swansea board, so i wouldn’t expect to much movement on Laudrup from Abramovich.

ODDS: 12/1

It is relieving to hear that a manager still wants to go to Chelsea – most of them have been driven off by the ‘Merry Go-Round’ at Chelsea. It seems pretty obvious that José wants to return, and if the Chelsea management don’t bring him back, I’m sure it will it bite them if they don’t.


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