Jose Mourinho the special one. The manager every Chelsea fan wants back at the Bridge since he left in 2006 and rightfully so as he is one of the most decorated and talented managers in the world and in my opinion the best manager in the world. Mourinho has proved himslef in the Premier league,Seria A, Ligga BBVA and the Liga Pourtugese unlike Sir Alex Fergusen who has only proved himslef with one team in one league. But i also think every chelsea fan however much they hate it has to say that along with Mourinho Sir Alex Fergusen is also one of the best managers football has ever seen.
It makes me ponder when Mourinho says in a press conference or in an interview on numerous times that he is coming back to England. You never really know with Mourinho but in my opinion there must be a deal already in place if hes that ceratin of coming back to the Premier league and the only club i see doing that would be Man Utd but as i said you never know with Mourinho. I’ve listed three possible clubs Mourinho could go to once hes finshed with Real Madrid.
Chelsea: Wouldnt that be incredible if Mourinho came back to Chelsea, it would be like a lost brother and siter found and reunited over so many years. Only Mr Abramovich and Mourinho would know why they both parted company but rumours say it was Abramovich who was distrungled with the amount of power Mourinho thought he had. Since Mourinho got sacked stabilty at Chelsea has been anything that. Although weve had some incredible seasons after Mourinho with Ancelotti and Di Matteo weve also had seosons that lack control and stablility. Im not gonna name them becuase i dont need to, Chelsea fans know which seasons im talking about. One of the main reasons Abramovich hired Mourino was so that he could win the holy grail with Chelsea but he failed to so maybe Mourinho feels like he has some unfinshed buisness with Chelsea and wants to win it with us. Hopefully that is the case and he will come back.
Manchester United: The club that Chelsea fans didnt want to hear is Manchster United. Sadly but true there is high chance that Mourinho could take over at Man Utd once Sir Alex Fergusen steps down respectivley. Mourinho relishes pressure and loves having the spotlight on him which would be the case if he replaced Sir Alex Fergusen. Also if he did join Man Utd it could be a plea of revenge towards Abramovich. He certainly could take over from Alex fergusen but i mean does he want to do that? Although i think hes the best candinate to take over from Sir Alex Fergusen he knows how much we love him and know’s that we would be greatly offended if he did manage Man Utd.
Man City: City are far richer than Chelsea and with Chelsea Mourinho made an unstopable force of players with all that money at his disposal. If he joined City no doubt he could create the best football team the world has ever seen. Man city have already got a really strong team along with loads of money and plus the best manager in the world they would be unstoppable.
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    Josh Holmes

    Thanks for the reply:) Although he would bring contervrsy to the club we would be winning unlike with FSW

  2. adedayo adegboye

    Not all chelsea fans wants mourinho back. I for one, am strongly agaisnt Mou coming back to the bridge. The truth is that although Mou is a fantastic coach, he comes with some many demands on club and player,controversy that we don’t need as a club. Beside he is a megalomaniac with so much desire to win immediately that he is not bothered by the long term plans for the club. I see mourinho wanting to go out there and bring 7 – 10 new established players to the bridge while our youths rot in the reserves. We need a coach like Klopp or Pellegrini who favours the youth and are willing to develop them over time. But more importantly, we need Roman to give them TIME to do it. I will be happy to see  those two win nothing for the next two years ( except CL qualifications) while our youths are being integrated than winning the CL first time with Mou and his new players.