Chelsea have been linked with multiple big name strikers for the past year. A new source has been quoted in saying that Chelsea are making another move for Lewandowski. It has been known that Chelsea approached Lewandowski in the summer but he made it clear he wants a Bayern Munich move.

With reports of possible £70m to take Falcao to the bridge in January, Lewandowski is a more viable option and good news for most Chelsea fans. Not to mention that Lewandowski is only 25 years old so he is still yet to get to the peak of his career. Jose Mourinho was able to witness his abilities in front of goal when he scored four against Real Madrid in the Champions League last season.

A news source has been quoted in the last few days saying that it is possible that Real Madrid may not be possible option now with Chelsea in advanced talks with the player. If this is true then it would be fantastic news as Lewandowski is really a world class player. While it is unlikely the player will move in January, a summer move to Stamford Bridge is starting to look more likely. Only time will tell but expect to here more on this over the next couple of months.

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