The rumour mill has been fairly quiet since the January transfer window until yesterday that is. Once again Chelsea are being linked with a number of different strikers who could be on their way to Stamford Bridge in the summer. Yesterday Mourinho spoke about a possible move for Mario Balotelli adding fuel to the fire.

Mourinho now features for Yahoo in a number of interviews as it leads up to the World Cup and his first interview has been published. In the interview, Mourinho spoke about Balotelli and the possibility of linking up with him again. Don’t forget to check out the odds for Mario moving to Chelsea and you can use Ladbrokes Promo Code 2014 as well.

Mourinho said:

In football you never know the future. Balotelli is with a big club at the moment but you never know the future. They want to keep the best players and want to keep the best Italian players. But Mario has already been in English football before. I’m not going to be manager of Milan or the Italy national team, but he’s a good kid and somebody I’d like to work with again.

His comments have led to plenty of speculation and I’m sure we will see more before the end of the season. Mourinho has spoken about it himself so there must be some truth to the story and Balotelli has already made it clear he would love to work with Mario again.

Speaking in January, Balotelli was asked and said:

Of course I would like to play under Jose again. In my first days at Inter we had some problems, but then it turned into a mutual respect, and now we have a real friendship.It is never boring playing under Jose. When you are in Mourinho’s team it is a family and he coaches on the principal that if all is well with the family it doesn’t matter what is going on outside the team.

So would you welcome Balotelli to Stamford Bridge? At the age of 23, he fits the clubs plan of buying with the future in mind.

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