Just confirmed on the Chelsea FC official site is that we need to lose one player, yes, its been a time of change with new signings, the return of players and now it seems that we need to lose a player.

Jose Mourinho seems to be OK with the way things have gone so far, funds have been raised, and spent, but its not about the money when it comes down to having to choose who goes, its about the rules of the game.

About the team right now, Mourinho advised that he is more than happy having John Terry stay onboard, after all there was no delay when Terry signed immediately after the last game at Cardiff. For Terry this is now his 11th season and we all know what he can deliver himself on the pitch, and what he does to drive the team forward as captain

On Terry Mourinho said:

The contract John got was only based on performances, not his status or his captaincy, just performances

We think this way of giving out one-year contracts is a very good way of dealing with these kinds of players. John knows me and he knows the club. He just has to be worried about performing

I don’t remember a better season than the one he just had. That’s the point. Last season he had one minor injury. He played basically every match, and at a very high level. When you have a player able to perform during the whole season it’s because you believe that the next season he can do the same

Looking at other players that have come onboard like Cesc Fabregas we the fans and his team cant wait for some more seriously great action in the midfield. Mourinho talked a bit about Fabregas, when he advised;

I always thought Fabregas would be a Barcelona player because he is so good. Being Catalan and with players like Xavi coming to the end of their career I always thought he would stay, but it was him

He was so strong about his decision to come back to English football, a bit like me. He was in a big club and he wanted to be back. When we had the information that he had decided to come back to London, we knew he was the player we wanted.

He can play as a no.8 or no.10, if he plays as a no.10 he can score goals. If he plays as a no.8 he can give stability to the team

I see him everywhere because he can play everywhere. His best quality is the speed with which he analyses the game and executes it. It’s difficult for him to lose the ball or make the wrong decision. He can accelerate or reduce the intensity of the game. He’s very intelligent. We need his football brain in our team

We have Matic and Mikel as the anchormen. They are positional players. We have Oscar and Willian, no.10s, if you can say that. Fabregas is both. He is a little bit like the missing piece of our engine. We are so happy and all the players are too – they have a fantastic feeling with him because of how quickly he thinks on the pitch

Talking about the situation where one players needs to leave Mourinho said:

We do need one player to leave because we have 18 foreign players and you can only have 17. We must make that decision between me, the board and the player involved

It will be a tough one because our squad is stable. It has the right numbers

Thoughts on who already seems to be set in Mourinho’s mind and will leave the Blues? let us know

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