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Are you interested in writing for Chelsea Talk? We are looking for active Chelsea fans and guest writers to help us get the best Chelsea news and articles out there, fancy it, then become one of our guest writers, join the ChelseaTalk team today and help contribute to the blog which has been built up over the last 4 years.

Why become a guest posted on our site?

We know that people want to let others know what they like, and don’t like or many reasons. Maybe you are a life long supporter and have always wanted to add more value to articles you read or maybe you are an aspiring author who want to get more exposure.

Whatever the reason is, we know that with so many people seeing your articles as well as commenting and creating discussion our site gives you the chance to be seen and read by millions. Don’t forget that we have an active twitter following as well as facebook and google+ meaning even more exposure for you so get involved today, and join us.

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